Seattleites are panic buying amid coronavirus fears (PHOTOS)

Mar 3 2020, 7:09 pm

After Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statewide emergency declaration on Saturday after the first reported coronavirus-linked death of a Kirkland man in his 50s, some Seattelites have embarked on crazy shopping sprees — with one family even going to the extreme of wearing 5-gallon water bottles on their heads as masks.

A Costco employee told Daily Hive that anything to do with coronavirus is “pretty much sold out,” including hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and water.

The employee wasn’t sure when the next shipment of toilet paper was going to be in but said that it could be as early as this afternoon.

According to Twitter user Anjela Bugher, Whole Foods locations were out of rice, frozen vegetables, unscented hand soap, and most flavors of LaCroix.

Another Twitter user mentioned that people were going for paper towels, dish soap, sanitizer, fruits, beans, cans, cereal, pasta, rice, and anything drinkable. He also shared images of the empty grocery shelves.

Here’s what others had to say about the Seattle shopping situation:

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