7 Seattle companies hiring hundreds of positions this November

Nov 20 2019, 7:50 am

It often falls to the wayside when discussing regions of America that offer booming industries of all kinds, but Seattle — and its start-up heart and culture — is the home and birthplace of so many world renowned brands in multiple industries. 

From technology to retail, and even space travel, Seattle has a whole lot to offer when it comes to the workforce that is already living there or looking to make the fantastic move to the Emerald City. 

Here are an elite seven companies hiring in the city this month. 


  • Who: Rover is the one company on the tips of every wagging tail in North America right now, they’ve taken the Uber/Lyft service offerings and applied them to dog owners at the tap of their phone. Get to know a dog walker in your neighborhood, broker care prices, and book walks for your pup in what has become the go-to application for everyone with a four-legged friend. 
  • Jobs: As a consumer-facing platform for dog-walking needs, Rover needs plenty of live support called “Trust & Safety Agents” to work days and nights, both English-speaking and bilingual folks. Rover is also seeking many employees to fill operations and engineering roles. 
  • Perks: The obvious perk in working directly at the Rover office is the pound of office dogs that you’ll get to work alongside. For all employees (remote or otherwise), Rover assists in the funding needs for employees to adopt or foster dogs, as well as help cover dog-sitting if and when employees need to get away. Other notable perks fall in line with many start-ups around the world, and include stocked kitchens, massages, and company-funded lunches on a regular basis.
  • More: For more information on what it’s like to work at Rover, and to check out their current open positions, head to Rover’s career page. Or, if you’re just into dog-based

Niantic Labs

  • Who: If you’re looking to get into the games industry, but want something with a little bit of a different/future flavor, then Niantic may be the company for you. Makers of planet-scale augmented reality games like Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite. Niantic Labs is leading the cutting edge on merging technologies with entertainment, all within the palm of your hand. 
  • Jobs: As a video game developer working with some intuitive technology, Niantic is constantly seeking dozens of exemplary and qualified engineers of all disciplines. On top of that, Niantic in Seattle is looking for a product manager, recruiter, and more. 
  • Perks: The Niantic Family are afforded a very generous and almost superior healthcare system — 100% covered by the company — alongside some standard modern perks like stocked kitchens, insurance coverage, community events, and a hefty employee discount within their applications and games. 
  • More: Should you be one of the six people on the entire planet that isn’t or hasn’t played Pokemon GO, head over to the Niantic website to download something Niantic now, or check them out on Twitter and Instagram.  

Getty Images

  • Who: The leading creators and curators in stock imagery and footage, Getty Images has multiple offices around the world, including a major headquarters in Seattle, Washington. As the industries and needs for content change, Getty Images has been one of the only companies to adapt to the world as it molds into a new form. Today, Getty Images has done everything is can to curate the world’s greatest collection of stock content, and have managed to remain the most relevant company in the business.
  • Jobs: Throughout their multiple office, Getty Images is hiring a ton of folks, and within Seattle in particular they are in desperate need for Product Managers, Search Engineers, Analysts, and Data Architects. 
  • Perks: Celebrating their well-practiced work/life balance, Getty Images promotes an ethical and substantial atmosphere. Alongside that unicorn, Getty also provides exemplary benefit packages, investments, and access to some of the best talent in content creation the world over. 
  • More: To keep up with the content coming through Getty Images, and their company principles, check out their Instagram page, or visit their job site to seek roles they’re looking to fill. 


  • Who: Much like Vancouver, and the southern coast, Seattle is home to one of the largest Amazon offices on Earth. It’s the birthplace of Amazon and they continue to adjust to modern technology and ways of the world. Offering consumers almost instant access to many needs and wants with products, to changing the way developers and companies use technology with their software and cloud services, Amazon is no joke. 
  • Jobs: Being part of the epicentre of the world’s most recognized online retailer/shipper/software companies makes Seattle the go-to place for folks interested in employment at Amazon. Throughout dozens of disciplines, Amazon in Seattle is looking for hundreds of employees from engineers to content controllers, and beyond. 
  • Perks: Amazon employees are a crucial part of the largest private employer in all of Seattle, and that comes with perks like a fully modern campus, extremely malleable benefits, and one of the most diverse and welcoming internal communities in tech. 
  • More: Though you may not need to find out who Amazon is because they have been gigantic for decades, you can check out all things about life at Amazon Seattle on their career page. 


  • Who: Largely known as one of the biggest aerospace technology and development companies on Earth, Boeing has been leading the industry for decades upon decades. With headquarters in Seattle, Boeing is not only an extremely reputable name to add to your resume, but it’s a product of its own need to adapt to the future. Makers of aerospace technology, and bridging the gaps into space travel, Boeing never ceases to push boundaries, and defy the laws of gravity, as could your career there. 
  • Jobs: Being the size of Boeing, there is a large list of roles in need of qualified folks. On top of that, Boeing is one of the greatest homes for engineers of all kinds, aerospace technicians, as well as a fantastic place to take job-placement or student hands-on training. All of which are available in Seattle right now. 
  • Perks: Aside from the perk of being able to work on and be a part of the future of travel, Boeing offers employees a wide array of benefits, both health and leisure. 
  • More: Head over to the Boeing Careers page to take a peek at all of their available roles. 


  • Who: Born and bred in Pike Place Market, located in downtown Seattle, it’s the obvious home of the Starbucks global headquarters. The mega-giant coffee brand and retail coffee shops have become so synonymous with a particular product (coffee), that it has become one of the most recognizable and visited brands on the entire planet. For a lot of people, you don’t go grab a coffee, you go and grab a Starbucks. 
  • Jobs: With more than 100 job openings currently at the corporate office in Seattle, there are many roles within Marketing, Retail Leadership, and internal and consumer-facing Technology. 
  • Perks: Starbucks has long-since been a leader in offering its employees some pretty great perks. From discounts on products to stock options and beyond, there are not many global chains that remain this employee friendly. 
  • More: If you want to sample some products, head to any corner in any city around the globe and just look around a little and you’ll find a Starbucks. However, if it’s corporate gigs you’re looking for, check out the Starbucks careers page. 


  • Who: The creation of billionaire Bill Gates, Microsoft is one of the crowning glories of the Emerald City, which helped kick-start Seattle as a major player in the technology, computing, and gaming industries. Now, decades later, Microsoft’s Seattle campus spans dozens of buildings across miles and miles of Washington State property. Still one of the leaders in computer technology, Microsoft shows no sign of slowing down whatsoever. 
  • Jobs: With well over 2,000 jobs at the Seattle campuses alone, Microsoft continues to be one of the largest companies and collectives in America, let alone in just the Pacific Northwest area. The company is looking for everything from engineers to community managers and data scientists in Washington State. 
  • Perks: Aside from getting to attend work at what might be the most modern and futuristic company campuses on earth, Microsoft offers employees a staggeringly grand benefits package and all of the perks that come with working on some of the most varied products in technology. 
  • More: Head over to the Microsoft Careers website to see what’s available in the Seattle area of Washington.