7 of the best places to order chicken wings in Seattle

Jan 29 2021, 11:39 pm

Nothing screams game day more than some fresh wings and some good buddies cheering at the screen.

Treat your household to some chicken wings from some of Seattle’s best spots.

From takeout to dine-in options, our city has some great choices. Here are our favorite spots for chicken wings in Seattle.



The Mamnoon Super Bowl at-home kit will have you throwing the best Middle Eastern/American Seahawks party in Seattle. Their special Super Bowl menu includes fire-roasted chicken wings in garlic, yogurt, lemon, and olive oil.

Wing Dome


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With a name like Wing Dome, you bet this spot has tasty chicken wings. The hardest part of the night will be picking which flavors to take home.

Chi Mac Belltown


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The spot in Belltown has many options for chicken dishes, including whole or half chickens, popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, chicken rice bowls, and of course, wings. Rather than American wings, hit up Chi Mac and order some Korean chicken wings… mmmm.

Sisters and Brothers

Sisters and Brothers is a whole family affair. You’ll taste the love cooked into each piece of chicken as you dive in.

Ba Bar


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Enjoy Vietnamese chicken wings from Ba Bar, who use Draper Valley Farms chicken wings, caramel sauce, rice vinegar, nước chấm, roasted garlic, and bird’s eye chili.

Wing Stop


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If you want value, go for Wing Stop. The restaurant always has specials, including an all-in bundle that feeds four, or a big night-in bundle that sounds just as it is.

Bok A Bok Chicken


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Bok A Bok Chicken delivers on both flavor and price. Have fun mixing and matching flavors, as well as enjoying 20 pieces of wings for just $25.75.

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