7 of the best ramen chains you need to try in Seattle

Jan 16 2020, 12:30 am

When you head to a famous ramen chain, you know that the food is going to be amazing.Ā There’s just something different about a ramen chain and a local spot. While both are amazing, we thought that they deserved separate lists.

Here are seven of our favorite ramen chains in Seattle:

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka


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Hokkaido prides itself on creating handmade soups daily at each of its locations. The spot is one of the few to carry delicious vegetarian ramen and has 11 types to choose from — including two tsukemen dishes.

Location:Ā 2626 NE Village Lane, Seattle
Phone:Ā 206-524-4431
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Momosan Ramen Seattle


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With Momosan being one of the latest great additions to the Seattle scene, we had to add it to our list.Ā The restaurant currently serves up four types of ramen and an abundance of sides.

Location:Ā 510 5th Avenue South, Seattle
Phone:Ā 206-501-4499
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Ramen DANBO has attracted crowds in all of its locations in New York, Seattle, and Vancouver, Canada. The spot doesn’t allow for reservations but typically accommodates groups quickly. They have a ton of tasty vegan ramen as well as highly customizable meat options.

Location:Ā 1222 E Pine Street Suite A, Seattle
Phone:Ā 206-566-5479

Menya Musashi


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You don’t need to know much else about Menya Mushashi besides the fact that it isĀ the spot forĀ tsukemen. Try out their hybrid option — one of the best things to happen to ramen.

Location:Ā 1510 Belmont Avenue, Seattle
Phone:Ā 206-257-4289
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Kizuki Ramen


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The self-proclaimed most authentic ramen experience, the spot serves up 12 types of ramen and fifteen izakaya sides. Kizuki Ramen has eight locations across Seattle, each one as good as the other.

Location: 319 North Thornton Place, Seattle
Phone:Ā 206-584-2983
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Betsutenjin Ramen


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The no-frills spot is worth the wait, with only 22 seats and four menu options, Betsutenjin typically has a line as soon as they open and remain busy through the night.

Location:Ā 954 E Union Street, Seattle
Hours:Ā 5:30 pm to 2 am
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Samurai Noodle


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While slurping down a bowl of their top-notch ramen, you’d never guess that Samurai Noodle started in Texas. With a fully loaded menu of ramen, rice dishes, appetizers, and desserts, there’s something for everyone, even those who aren’t too fond of the Japanese noodle dish.

Location:Ā 606 5th Avenue South, Seattle WA
Phone:Ā 206-624-9321
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