Netflix releasing surprise Michelle Obama documentary this May

Apr 28 2020, 12:15 am

Netflix has announced that a documentary featuring Michelle Obama will be released early next month.

The film is titled Becoming and features a “rare and up-close look” at the former first lady’s life. Specifically, the documentary captures her time following the release of her best-selling memoir, also titled Becoming, and the 34-city book tour that took place shortly after.


Obama explains on social media that her time spent traveling and touring solidified the idea that “what we share in common is deep and real and can’t be messed with.”

The film covers not only her personal experiences but also the stories and accounts of the communities and people she met along the way.

“In groups large and small, young and old, unique and united, we came together and shared stories, filling those spaces with our joys, worries, and dreams,” she continues. “We processed the past and imagined a better future. In talking about the idea of ‘becoming,’ many of us dared to say our hopes out loud.”

Obama adds that especially as the pandemic continues, she treasures her memories and the sense of connection “now more than ever.”

She also credits the work of the film’s director, Nadia Hallgren, an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer from New York. Her accolades include Sundance Award winner Motherland and Academy Award-nominated and Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Trouble the Water.


“It’s hard these days to feel grounded or hopeful, but I hope that like me, you’ll find joy and a bit of respite in what Nadia has made,” Obama writes. “She’s a rare talent, someone whose intelligence and compassion for others comes through in every frame she shoots.”

“Most importantly, she understands the meaning of community, the power of community, and her work is magically able to depict it.”

Obama ends by saying that in these difficult times, “empathy is our lifeline” and is “what will get us to the other side.”

michelle obama becoing


“Even in hard times, maybe especially in hard times, our stories help cement our values and strengthen our connections.”

Becoming will release on Netflix on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

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