Both NEOWISE comet and aurora borealis were visible in Washington last night (PHOTO)

Jul 15 2020, 11:01 am

Those looking out the windows last night may have caught a glimpse of the incredibly rare comet NEOWISE, which will continue traveling overhead for the coming weeks.

According to the University of Washington Planetarium, comet NEOWISE was visited by Aurora, Picket Aurora, the mauve/purple-colored STEVE, and early morning electric blue Noctilucent Clouds on July 14, which was quite the show for onlookers.

Kashyap Uppulri happened to be in Snoqualmie Point Park at around 11 pm yesterday, where he snapped a beautiful image of the phenomenon.

Those hoping to stake out the comet, and catch a similar photo, can follow Uppulri’s trick: “your camera should be in Manual mode. Set the aperture to the lowest setting. I had mine at F2.8, shutter at 6” and ISO at 1600.

Neowise Washington

Kashyap Uppuluri

Comet C/2020 F3, or NEOWISE, has been lighting up night skies around the planet for days now, and if you didn’t take your chance to see it, don’t fret your little cotton space socks about it, as you have the chance to see it for yourself tonight and for the next two weeks.

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