7 of the most haunted places in Seattle

Oct 18 2021, 2:00 pm

Whether you believe it or not, there’s nothing more fun than a good ghost story, especially around Halloween.

What many people may not know is that Seattle’s beautiful landscape has its own share of ghosts, haunts, and things that go bump in the night.

So, for all you ghastly aficionados, here’s a list of some of Seattle’s most haunted spots.

Seattle’s Underground

After the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the city rebuilt on top of itself. The leftover underground remains renowned for paranormal spirits thought to be the neighborhood’s notoriously murdered, unrequited souls. You can hear their stories as you roam the exclusive passageways of the world-famous Underground Tour.

Pike Place Market


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Known worldwide as one of the most famous markets in the world, Pike Place Market is also one of the most haunted. Don’t believe us? Take a Market Ghost Tour.

Canterbury Ale House


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Apparently, a man was shot and killed inside the Canterbury Ale House. At some point, visitors said that the man could be spotted in several mirrors around the property.

Kells Irish Restaurant


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The Butterworth Building that the bar is located in used to be a mortuary. The pub is currently located in the basement, which the bar’s owner says was once an embalming room. Although many ghosts are said to appear here, the two main attractions are a little girl with red hair and “Charlie,” who is said to appear in the Guinness mirror.

Moore Theater


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The Moore Theatre was developed in part to capture patrons visiting the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. The theatre originally opened in 1907 and has hosted performing arts, film, art exhibits, speakers, rallies, revivals, minstrel shows, graduations, and even boxing matches. It’s rumored that Mr. Moore himself still wanders the halls.

University Heights Center


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While most know about this place as being a community center, it was once a school. Rumor has it, a young boy still roams the hallways. Several people in the building hear strange noises, children’s laughter, and other voices even when the center is closed.

West Seattle High School


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High school is scary. Especially the West Seattle High School where a former student supposedly died by suicide in 1924. Some of today’s students say that they can hear her ghost running the hallways to this day.

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