5 good news stories from around the world to end your week

May 15 2020, 9:52 pm

Sometimes catching up on daily news can be a daunting task. With a multitude of fear-inducing headlines, it’s enough to make anyone feel discouraged.

While staying informed on both local and international news is necessary, it’s essential to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad in this world.

To assure you that all is not doom and gloom, we’ve rounded up a few good news stories from around the world that are sure to put a smile on your face.

New hope for the survival of threatened primate species

A community of endangered mountain gorillas has just welcomed two new babies into the world at a reserve in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There are believed to be just over 1,000 of the species on earth, populating the aforementioned park as well as in the Virunga volcanic mountains of Central Africa.

This gnarly cat can shred on a snowboard with the best of them


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We’ve seen sport-playing dogs and waterskiing squirrels, but we were not ready for the fluffy radness of Taddy the snowboarding cat. Check out Taddy’s Instagram to catch all the sickest moves.

A young entrepreneurĀ in India received a gift from local police

Janmoni Gogo was gifted a moped by her the local police department to help her sell vegetables, the money from which she uses to support her family. Let’s just hope they gifted her a helmet, as well!

Watch this guy bust his best moves in this one-minute prom video

Sometimes you gotta make the best of a bad situation. To give all those high school seniors out there an idea of what prom would have been like, Matthew Gustafson uploaded a video of him dancing throughout an entire night at prom — all in the space of a single, jam-filled minute.

Clever stray cat leads woman to the food he wants


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Because cat content doesn’t get old in trying times, there’s no way we could leave out this ingenious cat who knew exactly what he wanted from the grocery store — which is more than most of us can say when it comes to the snack section!

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