7 of the best places to get freshly shucked oysters in Seattle

Mar 24 2021, 2:17 pm

When the days are getting longer, the sun is out more, and patio season is upon us, the hearts of seafood lovers across the city call for one thing: oysters.

There’s hardly a better city to enjoy these cheap delights than Seattle, especially considering that we live near the water.

Here are seven awesome places for oysters in Seattle.

The Walrus and the Carpenter

While all the spots on this list are must-visits, The Walrus and the Carpenter has to be our favorite. The staff are well-versed on the various oysters and always have stellar recommendations when needed.

Location: 4743 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-395-9227
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Shuckers Oyster Bar is one of Seattle’s oldest and most preeminent oyster bars. The restaurant is clearly doing something right as it’s been shucking oysters in Seattle since the 1930s.

Location: 411 University Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-621-1700
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For just two bucks a shuck, it’s easy to load up on oysters at Salty’s. If you order a Shucker’s Dozen, you’ll pay for 12 and get the 13th on the house.

Location: 1936 Harbor Avenue SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-937-1600
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Taylor Shellfish Farms

Taylor Shellfish farms their own oysters, promising high-quality and sustainable fishing methods. If you don’t feel like dining in, you can order some oysters, clams, mussels, geoduck, and more straight to your doorstep.

Location: 1521 Melrose Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-501-4321
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Vinnie’s Wine Shop

Getting oysters at a wine shop, yep, you read that right. Vinnie’s Wine Shop offers natural wines, jams, as well as little bites. Each oyster comes in at $3.50 and has a new selection daily.

Location: 2505 2nd Avenue Suite 103, Seattle
Phone: 206-420-7043
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Elliott’s Oyster House

Become one with the tourists and head out to Elliott’s Oyster House. Along with wonderful oysters, try to snag a patio seat to get the best views.

Location: 1201 Alaskan Way, Pier 56, Seattle
Phone: 206-623-4340
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