Fisher fair scones ice cream is now available in Washington supermarkets

Aug 25 2020, 5:27 pm

Because we can’t make it out to the Washington State Fair this year, Fishers Scones have decided to bring their famous scone ice cream to the supermarket.

Last summer, the company made headlines announcing its partnership with Whidbey Island Ice Cream.

After selling out buckets of frozen goodness, the companies have announced that they’re bringing the ice cream back to the masses, this time in a freezer near you.

Made with a vanilla base, the Fair Scones Ice Cream tastes just like the fair favorite — it’s even got pieces of scones and strawberry jam swirled in.

Originally sold exclusively at the summer fairs, the Vanilla-based ice cream is now being sold in pints at Metropolitan Market and is coming soon to Safeway/Albertson’s and QFC stores accross Washington.

Fisher Scones Ice Cream

Fisher Scones

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