A Maryland restaurant is using "bumper tables" for physical distancing (VIDEOS)

May 19 2020, 11:38 pm

As dining establishments around the world are permitted to gradually reopen, albeit with tight restrictions and enforceable health and safety guidelines, venues have had to get creative in how they adhere to the new temporary norm.

They are doing so in a variety of ways. Some have created enclosed “quarantine greenhouses,” where customers can enjoy a contamination-free meal. Others have given patrons the option to wear a hat made of pool noodles to ensure physical distancing.

Now, one restaurant is implementing a product that will have customers so excited, they’ll be bouncing all over the place.

Customers at Fish Tales in Ocean City, Maryland, now have the option of using “bumper tables,” a product designed by a special event company called Revolution Event Design and Production to provide an entertaining yet practical solution to the concept of enforced physical distancing.

The “bumper tables” create a six-foot barrier between individuals and their peers while allowing for movement to promote “safe mixing and mingling” with attached wheels. The tables also have an air-filled tube around the edges and come equipped with cup holders for beverages.

“These social distancing cocktail tables are a fun, innovative way to enjoy time with friends,” the Revolution Event Design website explains.

The product is patent-pending, and businesses can purchase or rent them starting at $150 per day.

Fish Tales has shared multiple Facebook Live videos of people using the tables, much to the delight of social media users, with many praising the establishment for doing all they can to ensure the safety of its customers.

“Very impressed with what you are doing! Thanks for taking this so seriously,” one user wrote.

“Love Fishtales! Looks like your [sic] doing a great job with what’s going on! See y’all soon,” commented another.

As we experiment with venturing back out into the world, this provides an innovative solution for people to reconvene with friends in a safe and fun way while still adhering to the guidelines put in place by health authorities.

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