5 essential items to improve your work-from-home arrangement

Apr 2 2020, 8:28 pm

There are a lot of things we’re all doing to accommodate a drastic change in the way the world works. One of those is working from home — if possible.

Plenty of folks have left an office space behind in which it was someone else’s job to ensure all of their needs were met. Now, building out something both comfortable, and useful, lands on us.

We’ve already gone over a list of tips to keep you efficient while working from home, so we thought it high time to run down some of our picks for the most essential items to make this situation a lot more productive and livable.


There has to be a separation of life and work. This need is increasingly difficult in a situation where those two things happen at the same place. Which is where this item comes in handy. A perfect set of headphones can put a huge wall between yourself, and your atmosphere, making it far easier to concentrate, hear those important meetings, and set yourself up for success.

Our pick: The latest from Steelseries, the Arctis 1, is a combination headset designed specifically for gamers and their Nintendo Switch. However, due to the wireless USB Type-C input, the Arctis 1 is the perfect headset for all of your needs. Plug it into your phone for calls or music, your computer for working, and indeed, your Switch for gaming.

Standing desk

Sitting for long periods of time can be mighty harmful on your muscles, your circulatory system, and your sanity, which is why standing desks were invented. Whether you use a convertible desk or a permanent standing desk coupled with a high chair, the act of variation in your position could make or break your ability to work in the coming months.

Our pick: The BEKANT variable desk from IKEA is one of the cheapest, simplest, and nicest-looking hydraulic desks on the market. And though their stores may be closed, IKEA is still operating its online commerce.

Computer chair

The perfect computer chair will do wonders for your body while you’re working from home. If you’ve set up a standing desk, the chair you sit in while working at normal height is very important. Acquire something with maximum versatility and movement that comes with plenty of support for all shapes and sizes.

Our pick: Notably, the office favorite worldwide is the Herman Miller Aeron, and we don’t disagree with that. The Aeron also comes in both a standard height version and a raised version for permanent high-desk users.

Gaming glasses

Just as bad as sitting all day, our eyes aren’t designed to stare at computer monitors for extended periods of time. Luckily, there are some handy features like Night Mode on Windows that filter out some of the harmful light colors that provide us humans with delicious migraines.

When we say gaming glasses, what we mean are filtered lenses. It just so happens that one of the most profitable businesses in the world also requires folks to look at screens for a prolonged period of time, so companies on the front lines of this tech are geared towards gamers.

Our pick: Anything by Gamer Advantage. Why? Because their filtered glasses look pretty casual and normal in the real world, and they all come with clip-on filtered sunglass lenses for when (or if) you ever head outdoors.


Modern smartwatches almost always come with a built-in fitness tracker. Why is this important in a world where we’re working from home? Because those trackers will often notify the wearer when they have been stagnant for long stretches.

Our pick: To avoid any further notifications from work, we love the Fitbit Charge 4. The newest and smartest in the simple line-up from the technology giant, the Charge 4 has a pleasantly small body, and their most advanced fitness tracker to date.


While technology provides us with many opportunities, remember to invest in anything that allows you to walk away from your work for a few minutes and find some disconnect from the everyday. Whether you’re a gamer, a bibliophile, a film buff, or a workout junky, now is the perfect time to invest in something that bolsters your hobby.

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