Downtown Dog Lounge Bakery is coming to Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood

Jan 29 2020, 6:23 pm

It’s a well-known fact that dogs can’t have chocolate, but who’s to say they don’t deserve a cupcake or two? Treat your dog to some cookies and cakes at the Downtown Dog Lounge Bakery, opening in Fremont later this year.

This past Sunday, Pie, a well-loved pie shop in Seattle shared that they were passing their lease on to Elise at the Downtown Dog Lounge Bakery.

The bakery is an offshoot of the Downtown Dog Lounge, a daycare for pups that offers live 24 hour webcams and a wide variety of amenities.

The bakery is still in the planning stages of its menu but has teased that dogs will soon be able to munch down on cookies, custom cakes, and possibly even pies.

While the opening date of the bakery is yet to be released, you can keep up with the shop through their Facebook page.

Downtown Dog Lounge Bakery

Location: 3515 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle

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