Learn to code with help from your favorite Disney characters

Dec 15 2020, 10:42 pm

Didn’t do much this year? Start next year with a resolution that you can actually follow through with — learning a new coding language.

With Disney Codeillusion Prime, learning how to code has never been more entertaining.

Rather than using drab and simple coding software, the streaming learning game teaches four computer coding languages while immersing you in a Disney wonderland full of famous characters and movie scenes.

Disney Codeillusion

Disney Codeillusion Prime includes 125 adventures that will have you learning how to create your own movies, games, and websites. Adventures include making snow magic with Queen Elsa, escaping a dungeon with Wreck it Ralph, breaking tiles with Baymax from Big Hero 6, swimming with Ariel, and more.

Each $499 subscription allows lifetime access to coding lessons with interactive chapters covering game development, web design, and media art in four core programming languages: HTML, JavaScript, Processing, and CSS.

The subscription is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Those who’d prefer role-playing game elements, as well as offline experiences, can opt for Disney Codeillusion Enchanted for $899, which comes with lifetime Disney Codeillusion Prime, separate games, a physical keepsake magic book, mystery puzzles, postcards, and more.

Disney Codeillusion

Both versions of the Disney coding lessons make wonderful Christmas gifts and can be found online.

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