Cutout Mariners fans will fill T-Mobile Park this season (PHOTOS)

Jul 30 2020, 7:40 pm

Following the lead of the Chinese Professional Baseball League which filled their stands with cutouts and mannequins this past April, the Seattle Mariners have launched their own Seat Fleet program which will fill empty seats of T-Mobile Park with cutout fans.

Virtually sit in on all of the game action by purchasing a recycle-friendly version of yourself for just $30.

The cutout will sit in the stands for all 60 home games and even be able to “catch foul balls” — if your virtual half gets hit by a foul ball, the baseball will be mailed to you at home.

Those who purchase their fan cutouts in groups will be able to “sit together” in the stadium, although seating will be random.

Mariners Seat Fleet


By ordering your Seat Fleet online, you’ll be donating to non-profit organizations supporting COVID-related relief efforts and be automatically entered to win a Kyle Lewis package including a replica jersey, autographed baseball, and 2020 Mariners batting practice hat. Unfortunately, at the end of the season, you will not be able to retrieve your cutout.

Mariners Seat Fleet


The first Mariners home game takes place on Friday against the Oakland Athletics, where fans will be able to see their cutouts on-screen for the first time.

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