Finally, there's such thing as healthy ramen

Feb 23 2021, 7:30 pm

After a year of what feels like incessant bad news, finally, something encouraging is making headlines: the advent of healthy instant ramen.

Now, students and noodle-lovers everywhere can delight in a healthy ramen option. At last, the college-student favorite has received a nutritious makeover and is available for all pantry stocking needs.

Noodles, a foodie-favorite, which are said to have originated in China before gaining traction in Italy and Japan, have grown to become one of the world’s most popular dishes.

Now Palmetto Gourmet Foods, a South Carolina-based food company, with its new Chef Woo Ramen, has been inaugurated as the world’s first healthy instant ramen.

They’ve transformed a quick-food staple into a superfood — a wholesome, nourishing meal.

In one cup of Chef Woo’s, you’ll also find 20g of protein (three large eggs worth) made with a medley of plant-based, organic ingredients.

“Instant ramen is one of the most popular foods in the world,” says Barthelemy Helg, Chairman of Palmetto Gourmet Foods.

“It’s our vision to create healthy and accessible foods that are also delicious. Chef Woo elevates an everyday favorite with protein and essential nutrients. As a plant-based food, we’re doing our part to leave less of a carbon footprint.”

We all want to eat healthier, with many choosing to incorporate more plant-based options into their diets, but finding the right foods to integrate into our day-to-day (without sacrificing the foods we love) can be challenging.

The new ramen option allows consumers to get a third of their recommended daily intake of protein — comparable to the amount added to a post-workout smoothie — as well as all nine essential amino acids.

Calorie wise, each serving stacks up to only about 330 calories, making it an ideal low-cal meal option.

For too long, instant food has remained synonymous with bad food. Part of what the brand has set out to redefine is that convenient food can be hearty and nutritious.

Naturally, it was also central to the mission that they do so without diminishing ramen’s distinct, savoury taste — and without the use of chemicals or MSG.

“Many of us are looking to add more plant-based options for health, ethical, or environmental reasons,” says Reza Soltanzadeh, CEO of Palmetto Gourmet Foods, and a medical doctor by training. “Chef Woo is the perfect solution for flexitarians, vegetarians, or anyone else who loves great tasting food that’s good for their body, and for the planet.”

Available in four rich flavors, like roasted chicken, braised beef, Thai lemongrass, and sweet chili togarashi, the recipes focus on elevated ingredients — as opposed to salt or additives. Each flavor is certified vegan, kosher, and halal.

At the core of Palmetto’s business model is sustainability, which means ensuring what’s good for people is also good for the planet. As such, they’ve consciously partnered with environmentally-friendly suppliers.

To help reduce their carbon footprint, all Palmetto products are made locally in the US, while the cups themselves are made with 100% compostable material.

Ramen lovers now have the opportunity to win a year’s worth of ramen by participating in Chef Woo’s TikTok contest.

Otherwise, you can try the new-and-improved noodle dish for yourself by ordering on Amazon or by browsing the aisles of your local Walmart.

To learn more about what goes into each cup of Chef Woo Ramen, you can also head to

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