7 places to get the best cheesecake in Seattle

Apr 21 2021, 3:56 pm

The best cheesecake in Seattle is something you need in your life, period.

Truly one of life’s never-disappointing delights, a solid slice of smooth, rich, and creamy cheesecake can turn your day, week, month, or even year around, depending on how you feel about dessert.

Lucky for Seattleites, there’s a handful of quality spots that specialize in making the best cheesecake in Seattle — here they are.

Hood Famous Bakeshop

You need to try what Hood Famous is, well, famous for — their ube cheesecake. The adorable purple yam cheesecake is available for order in packs of four or in a four-pack of favorites including ube, white chocolate guava, Vietnamese coffee, and coconut pandan cheesecakes.

Location: 504 5th Avenue S, Suite 107A, Seattle
Phone: 206-485-7049
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The Cheesecake Factory

Known for their large portions and everything but the kitchen sink menu, The Cheesecake Factory obviously serves up some pretty amazing cheesecake. We love the Oreo cheesecake when we’re really looking to indulge.

Location: 700 Pike Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-652-5400
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The Confectional


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Using only the finest ingredients, The Confectional offers some of the best cheesecake in the city. Their crusts are made with Maria biscuits from Sapin, while their toppings are made with a signature sweetened sour cream.

Location: 1530 Pike Place, Seattle
Phone: 206-282-4422
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Bakery Nouveau


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Bakery Nouveau serves up various types of cheesecakes, all depending on the chef’s choice. Usually, the cakes are baked on either a graham crust base or chocolate crumb base.

Location: 4737 California Avenue SW, Seattle
Phone: 206-923-0534

Location: 137 15th Avenue E, Seattle
Phone: 206-858-6957
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Alaska Silk Pie


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Those looking for gluten-free cheesecakes need to try the offerings from Seattle-based Alaska Silk Pie. Several of their baked delicacies were previously only available at Neiman Marcus but can now be ordered online for delivery to your doorstep.

Location: 3429 Airport Way S, Seattle
Phone: 206-381-8494
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Fuji Bakery


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You’ve got to try Japanese souffle cheesecake at least once in your life, and Fuji Bakery has the goods. Their cheesecake is available by the slice or by the round which, honestly, is the better option.

Location: 1030 Elliott Avenue W, Seattle
Phone: 206-216-3616

Location: 526 S King Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-623-4050
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Simply Dessert

Don’t give in to temptation at Simply Dessert; remember, you’re there for the cheesecake. Pick between Bailey’s Irish Cream, lemon, or white chocolate cheesecake before getting distracted by their other goodies.

Location: 3421 Fremont Avenue N, Seattle
Phone: 206-633-2671

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