Find your new best friend at Seattle's adoptable dog meet and greet

Jan 8 2020, 7:44 pm

Picture this: you walk into a room full of adorable dogs. You lock eyes with a gorgeous, furry pup. They’re glancing at you, eyes widening, tail wagging. You slowly bend over to pet it and it automatically leaps into your arms. “This is it,” you think, “this is my dog.”

If this scenario sounds like a perfect dream, the Adoptable Dog Meet and Greet may be your place to be this Saturday.

This Saturday, at All The Best Pet Care, feel the love from dogs who need it the most. All of the adoptable dogs are fosters of Dog Gone Seattle, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving homeless dogs in high-kill shelters.

A selection of adoptable dogs will be wandering the shop, ready to meet their potential forever family. If you’re serious about adoption, fill out an online adoption application before Saturday.

As a preview of who you may get to meet, here are five of the 60+ adoptable dogs at Dog Gone Seattle:

Big Guy

adopt dog seattle

Dog Gone Seattle

Although Big Guy has a big build, he’s nothing more than a softie. This three-year-old couch potato is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was confiscated from a cruelty case and has since proved to be friendly with people and other dogs.


Dog Gone Seattle

Six-year-old Hawaiian, Cookie, loves to hang out with people and other dogs. While shy at first, she eventually grows to love affection and attention.


adopt dog seattle

Dog Gone Seattle

Berlin is a beautiful three-year-old mixed Dutch Shepherd who knows all his basic obedience and is both house and crate trained. While he’s comfortable with other dogs, he’s more of a hiking dog than a dog-park pup.


Dog Gone Seattle

If you’re looking for a dog to play fetch with, Lena is the pup for you. This chihuahua is packed with energy and completely ready for a hike — as long as the day ends with her snuggling in your lap.


adopt dog seattle

Dog Gone Seattle

Weighing in at around 105 pounds, Moose is a food-motivated four-year-old King German Shepherd. He’s working on his confidence and obedience but is up to follow wherever the day takes you.

Dog Gone Seattle Adoption Meet and Greet 

When: January 11, February 8, March 14
Time: 12 to 3 pm
Where: All The Best Pet Care — 3830 Stone Way North, Seattle


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