You have one more day to enjoy 19 cent burgers in Seattle

Mar 30 2022, 9:53 pm

Dick’s Drive-In has brought back their 19 cent burgers.

On Tuesday, March 29, the burgers were available at the Wallingford and Queen Anne locations. On Wednesday, March 30, the burgers were available at Lake City, Holman Road, and Crossroads.

On March 31, the discount burgers are available at the Edmonds and Kent locations.

Although the prices have been slashed, the quality of burgers sure hasn’t. Enjoy a 19 cent cheeseburger or hamburger, one per person.

Dick’s Drive-In opened on January 28, 1954, as one of Seattle’s first takeout restaurants.

It’s since become one of the best spots for American classics and late-night foods in Seattle.

Alyssa TherrienAlyssa Therrien

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