This US company wants to pay someone $5,000 to eat cheese for a year

Jun 25 2020, 12:09 pm

Attention all cheese lovers, what if we told you that you could turn your life-long love affair with your favorite snack into an honest-to-goodness job? Well, one company in the United States is looking to give one lucky individual a whole lot of cheddar, literally.

Whisps, an American snack company that specializes in cheese crisps, is currently looking for a new taster to be paid $5,000 to taste and review cheese.

That’s it. That’s the entire job. It’s the dream.

“My whole life, I’ve dreamed for a job that would pay me to eat cheese. So excited to pass along my dream to you,” Whisps CEO Ilana Fischer said in a statement on the company’s website. “This will no doubt be a fun and delicious competition. Looking forward to seeing your applications and welcoming our new expert taster.”

The lucky winner will serve on the Whisps Cheese Board as the CEO (Cheese Executive Officer) for one year and will receive payments to perform monthly quality tests, sample new flavors, brainstorm new products, and serve as a brand ambassador.


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The candidate will receive a $1,500 stipend up front and will be paid $25 an hour for five hours of work per month. The remaining $2,000 will also be provided up front with a suggested itinerary to attend the World Championship Cheese Contest in 2022.

For those thinking that they have to be a cheese connoisseur to qualify, don’t worry. All you need to bring is your love of cheese.

“No formal training is required – we’ll teach you how to cheese the day,” the company’s website explains.

Other opportunities that come with the job include monthly and quarterly product shipments, receiving training from artisan cheese experts to learn the lingo and tasting techniques, and a virtual cheese pairing class for you to create Insta-worthy cheese plates.

Whisps is seeking an individual who has previous experience working as part of a team, is not employed at a competing snack company, and is 21 or older.

Lastly, they have to be a “cheese fanatic,” of course.

The competition is only open to US residents, and applications must be submitted no later than July 25, National Wine and Cheese Day, when an official winner will be announced.

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