Theater in Lake Oswego promoting stay-home life with hilarious marquees (PHOTOS)

May 6 2020, 10:01 pm

Of all the things to feel a huge impact by the shutdown of towns and cities across the country, movie theaters (or cinemas, depending on how snooty you want to sound) have been hit pretty hard.

For pop-culture fans, and introverts alike, the theater experience is so much about timing (seeing a new film as soon as possible), and the technology (most folks don’t have theater-quality set-ups in their homes.)

Helping to ease the pain of a shut-down business, and to promote stay-home regulations for safety, the Lake Theater and Cafe in Lake Oswego, Oregon has been sharing some hilarious messages on their outdoor marquee.

One of their marquee messages promotes the film Portrait of a Lady on Fire, saying it was “really good”, while also mentioning that it’s on Hulu.

Even their paper notice taped to the inside of the door is pretty funny.

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