Small business spotlight: RERUN consignment

Jul 16 2020, 9:41 pm

If you’re looking for anything from furniture to clothing, Portland RERUN breathes life into used items and serves them up with a fair price, and is one of our favorite shopping atmospheres anywhere on Earth.

If you were to be asked what kind of clothing and furniture shopping experience best defines the mindset and the people of the Pacific Northwest, it would have to be consignment and vintage. Portland, home to many astounding shops with an elaborate range of products on display, has long-since played home to this kind of retail venture.

With a newly opened RERUN2 location — a massive amount of square-footage featuring the shops entire clothing collection — that takes into account the current virus climate, and public health concerns, there are many reasons to strap up and check out what they have to offer on their racks.

“The store was envisioned as an organic part of the community, offering a friendly place to meet new friends, sell some stuff, and discover a find of a lifetime,” reads the RERUN about us page. “We’re committed to making a positive impact in the community by supporting and hosting community events, free activities for kids and offering teachers a 10% discount on teaching supplies.”

As magical as the exploratory shopping experience that used stores provide can be, RERUN brings more to the table, especially as a major consignment brand. Folks can book appointments to bring their items in, and given a seller ID. After deemed sellable items move, people get paid. It’s this service that expands the neighborhood connection felt within the walls of RERUN.

The shop even boasts reuniting 80-year-old childhood friends.


Address: 707 NE Fremont Street, Portland
Phone: 503 683 3786


Address: 6940 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland
Phone: 503 683 3786


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