Weekly COVID-19 report shows record-high number of cases: Oregon Health

Oct 29 2020, 6:23 pm

This week’s COVID-19 report from the Oregon Health Authority shows a record-high number of cases.

On October 23, the OHA reported the highest-ever daily total of new cases of coronavirus, and numbers have hovered near that total in the week surrounding it.

Finalized on Sunday, and reported late Wednesday, the COVID-19 Weekly Report from the governing health body shows that as of October 25, last week was the highest case count the state has seen all year.

A total of 2,642 new cases were reported from Monday to Sunday, up 14% from the previous week’s report, and is the highest weekly number of additional positive cases recorded in Oregon to date. The number of tests rose by 8.6%.

Throughout the week, 27 Oregonians died at the hands of the virus compared to 25 last week, and 143 people were hospitalized due to coronavirus.

At the time of writing, Oregon has reported 42,436 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and the OHA breaks this down to 1,002 cases per 100,000 Oregonians. That’s 1-in-100 Oregonians that have contracted this potentially deadly global virus.

Of the total reported cases of coronavirus in Oregon, 655 people have died from the disease, which breaks down to 1.5% of all reported confirmed cases.

For a deeper dive into the numbers and trends, check out the full COVID-19 Weekly Report from the Oregon Health Authority.

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