A ramen and whiskey festival is coming to Portland next week

Jan 8 2020, 8:46 pm

The only thing better than ramen or whiskey is a ramen and whiskey festival.

Lucky for us one is coming to Portland on January 18.

Combining two of the most popular food and drink trends, ramen and whiskey, the festival brings Portland’s most popular ramen restaurants under a single roof for a unique tasting experience.


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According to the event’s release, Noraneko, namapdx, Sari Ramen, Ramen Ippo Oregon with The Cavern, Mikasa Sushi & Ramen with The Garrison and Mirakutei, will bring attendees expertly crafted ramen tasting bowls, while the restaurants’ bartenders will create unique whisky cocktail to compliment the dish.

The festival will also feature music by DJ Short Change.

At the event, you can wander around sampling ramen and whiskey pairings from each restaurant, and vote for your favorite one to award the ‘People’s Choice’ for Best Ramen and Best Cocktail. A panel of ramen connoisseurs will also vote on their favorites for the “Judges Choice” awards.

General admission tickets are $45, and include one sample-size bowl of ramen and a paired whisky cocktail from each of the participating restaurants. Additional Japanese whisky, beer, sake, and wine samples are available through the event’s partners.

Here are the ramen and cocktail pairings you can expect:

Sari Ramen

Ramen – RCha-dol Dwen-Jang Ramyun: Beef brisket and Korean fermented dwen-jang broth, beef brisket, seaweed, mushroom, scallions, beansprout, dice fried tofu, onion chips,
Cocktail – First Love: Toki Whiskey, Oregon distilled vodka, basil, lemon juice, mango syrup, coffee powder.

Ramen Ippo with The Cavern

Ramen – Japanese Tantan Ramen: Chicken broth with sesame and peanut butter miso and topped with ground pork, sweet corn, green onion, cilantro, and chili oil.
Cocktail – The Tokyo Low: Suntory Toki, sweet and spicy ginger and a splash of soda finished with a top of lime zest.

Mikasa Sushi & Ramen with The Garrison

Ramen – Lemongrass Tori paitan: Sous vide pork tenderloin, roasted oyster mushroom and pickles Asian mustard green.
Cocktail – #6: Suntory Toki, Lemon Verbena, smoked honey, amaro float.

Nama Ramen

Ramen – Tonkotsu Tantanmen: Pork belly, Tofu, Hazelnut, Tapenade, Feta Cheese, Sichuan Peppercorn.
Cocktail – Royal High: Cardamom infused Toki, Kumquat Lime syrup, Seltzer, Orange Bitter


Ramen – Kid Curry Ramen: Curry Infused tare topped with Tsukemono, coffee cured chashu, and nitamago.
Cocktail – Ft. La Choya Jackson: Toki Suntory Whiskey, orange peel and cocoa nib infused dolin rouge, choya umeshu, salt rinse.


Ramen – Paitan Ramen: Sapporo style “paitan” ramen, sautéed shiitake mushroom, king trumpet mushroom, bok choi and white onion. Topped with grilled pork chashu and green onion.
Cocktail – WHIZ-KAL: Suntory Toki whiskey, Artesanal Mezcal, Spicy lemon grass syrup and orange peel dust.


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Ramen + Whiskey Festival 2020

When: January 18, 2020
Time: Noon to 5:30 pm
Where: 101 North Weidler Street, Portland
Admission: $45. Buy tickets here

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