Retail locations with street access permitted to reopen this weekend

May 14 2020, 8:05 pm

Retail businesses with sidewalk access will be allowed to reopen in Oregon on Friday, according to a document released by the governor’s office on Wednesday.

Just a week after Governor Kate Brown made it public that the state has put together a plan to reopen the economy in phased steps, retail businesses get some great news. Though it’s exciting to be able to reopen the doors, the openings come with a large number of restrictions and regulations in order to maintain a positive trend in coronavirus control.

First and foremost, the retail reopening document suggests that ownership and management must calculate a new maximum capacity that allows all customers to maintain six-feet of distance between one another. This will complicate and greatly reduce the capacity for small stores that may only manage to have one or two patrons within their walls able to stay away from one another.

The update from Oregon Health also stipulates that businesses must post signage for all customers to see that describe coronavirus symptoms, as well as frequent cleaning and sanitization techniques and practices.

All employees must wear face coverings provided by the employer.

Going beyond the new regulations, the OHA published a list of suggested actions and recommended practices for businesses as we sit on the brink of a Friday reopening.

This list includes strongly recommending customers also wear face masks/coverings, clear plastic or glass barriers at cash counters, encouraging the one-way flow of foot traffic with arrows and signage, consider prohibiting changing rooms, and not letting consumers try on products that touch the face.

An updated version of Employers Guidelines has been published to coincide.

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