These are Portland's most popular pet names for 2020

Jan 14 2021, 8:11 pm

Luna and Cooper were the most popular dog names in Portland in 2020, and Leo and Luna were the most popular monikers for cats.

That’s according to a new survey from pet services website Pet names trend in popularity just like baby names, and the company keeps tabs on what people in the US like to name their pets.

“From old favorites topping the male and female dog name charts to the unique monikers folks are giving to their pandemic puppies, some of the names pet parents have chosen for their furry family members this year are as surprising as 2020 itself,” Rover said in a statement.

Some owners are naming their pets after the pandemic itself. Rover gave kudos to a dog named Rona Von Covid and a cat named Dr. Fauci.

pandemic dog names

Here in Portland, favorite names for female dogs were Luna, Bella, Lucy, Lola, and Daisy. For male dogs, it was Cooper, Charlie, Max, Jack, and Tucker.


Across the US, familiar dog name Rocky fell out of the top five this year. Lily, another mainstay, fell out of the top 10 completely.


Portlanders loved to name male cats Leo, Oliver, Max, Charlie, Simba, and Tommy. For female cats, pet parents chose Luna, Bella, Lucy, Fiona, and Daisy.


Nationally, Oliver was the most popular male cat name, with Luna being the top female cat name.


Of course, some pet owners choose names inspired from current pop culture. Geralt, from The Witcher, is the number one trending dog name, up 9,308% from the previous year. Call of Duty names are also on the rise, with Griggs up nearly 60% for dogs and Gaz up 250% for cats. Ghost is also trending up for dogs.

More people are also naming their pets after Keanu Reeves, Lizzo, and Kanye. But fewer are naming their pets Beyonce, Drake, or JLo.

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