Get perfectly crafted cocktails to go from this Portland hotspot

Jan 27 2021, 1:38 am

Since they’re currently closed for indoor dining, Palomar wants you to take their boozy cocktails home.

Choose from 11 tasty cocktails all priced at $12 each.

If ordering to-go cocktails, the purchase of one food item per two drinks is required by Washington beverage laws.

Here’s what you can get:

Daiquiri #1

A classic shaken daiquiri with rum, lime, and sugar.

Daiquiri #3

Sometimes known as the Hemingway Daiquiri or Papa Doble, the drink comes with rum, lime, grapefruit, sugar, and maraschino.

Frozen Passionfruit Daiquiri

The frozen passionfruit daiquiri is simple and delicious with rum, lime, sugar, and passionfruit.

Hotel Nacional

The Hotel Nacional includes dark rum, lime, apricot, and pineapple.

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule contains vodka, lime, fresh ginger, and carbonated toasted coconut water.


The cocktail is tropical, crisp, and refreshing. The drink includes mezcal, pineapple, falernum, peach, lemon, and absinthe.


The cobbler is dark, rich, and fruity. The drink includes dark rum, amontillado sherry, guava, lemon juice, orange curaçao, and angostura bitter.


The negroni includes house-infused coconut gin, tequila, Campari, sweet vermouth, with a touch of almond grappa.

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned includes bourbon with a touch of overproof rum. The drink also contains house-made toasted coconut, masala-spiced syrup, and classic Angostura bitters.

Rob Roy

Rob Roy is the scotch Manhattan done Palomar’s way. The drink contains house cashew-infused scotch, sweet vermouth, chocolate bitters, and a touch of kummel, caraway, cumin, and fennel liquor.


The martini is made with house-infused pineapple gin and dry vermouth.


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Along with drinks, Palomar serves Cuban ham and bechamel fritters, oxtail potato fritters, jackfruit stew, as well as empanadas and sandwiches.

Palomar is currently open Wednesday to Sunday from 4 to 9 pm.

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