A new Oregon law eliminates fees for no-photo ID cards

Dec 9 2019, 4:36 pm

There’s good news for residents of Oregon who use disabled parking placards.

A new Oregon law, House Bill 226, was passed by the 2019 Oregon Legislature, which will no longer necessitate the payment of fees for state drivers who need no-photo identification cards.

Drivers who have accessibility issues are usually required by the state to pay fees for no-photo identification cards if they are medically unable to go to a DMV office and take a photo.

The only way to get a disabled placard that allowed drivers with disability issues to reserve parking spaces appropriate for them is by getting a no-photo identification card.

However, come January 2020, the DMV will issue no-photo identification cards for free to customers with accessibility problems, according to a release by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Drivers who qualify for a no-photo parking ID are advised to check out DMV’s updated application form, available here.