What to eat in Portland today (if you're a kid): Nanban Taiyaki Paninis

Oct 1 2020, 7:09 pm

Here at Dished, we like to focus on all of the things that make our mouth water, our stomachs soar, and all of our wildest foodie dreams come true. That’s precisely why we want to include the kids in our circles.

Normally, a kids menu is a weirdly simplified and often underwhelming version of the full menu. However, we’ve got a treat for you this week.

Nanban in Portland has a self-proclaimed “renegade approach to Japanese comfort food” and has been winning the hearts of Portlandians since they began serving up their fantastic curries, extensively beautiful jackfruit karaage sandwiches, and so much more.


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But, we’re here to celebrate something else they do better than anyone in PDX.

What to order

Known for their Taiyaki — a Japanese dessert that uses waffle-like batter formed into the shape of a fish, commonly filled with custards or red bean paste — Nanban is stepping up for the little ones in a big, bad way.


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The kids menu at Nanban consists of numerous Taiyaki Paninis, which use the traditional Taiyaki delivery method for standard panini combos like turkey, ham, and cheeses. They even make a peanut butter and jam Taiyaki Panini, and it’s all a real treat for the wee tots.


Address: 1430 SE Water Avenue #103, Portland
Phone: 971 302 7919


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