Governor ramps up public safety ahead of this weekend's hate-group rally

Sep 25 2020, 5:36 pm

In a press briefing Friday morning, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced that Oregon State Police will head public safety efforts in Portland this weekend.

On Thursday, the Portland Parks and Recreation Department denied a permit to hate-group Proud Boys to hold a rally this Saturday.

Friday morning, Governor Kate Brown announced that she is using her power as governor to coordinate with placing the superintendent of the Oregon State Police and the MultCo Sheriff in charge of public safety in the City of Portland this weekend. According to Governor Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has agreed with this motion.

“Everyone has the right to express themselves freely. Even those who the majority of Oregonians would disagree with,” said Governor Brown. “However, the First Amendment doesn’t give anyone the license to hurt or kill someone because of opposing political views.”

“And when free expression is fueled by hate, and coupled with the intent to incite violence, I need to do everything I can as Governor to ensure the safety of Oregonians.”

Governor Brown called out the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer as hate-groups that have come to town “time and time again, looking for a fight.”

Before handing it over to officials that will be in charge of public safety concerns this coming week, Governor Brown took a moment to mention Breonna Taylor and the lack of charges placed against the police officers responsible for her death.

“Breonna Taylor deserves justice, and this weeks Grand Jury decision was not justice.”

Shortly after noon on Friday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler released an official statement regarding Governor Brown’s executive decision.

“I am pleased that, as elected leaders responsible for the safety and wellbeing of this community, we were able to come to a collaborative solution that achieved the mutual aid resources necessary to implement the great planning work Portland Police have done to be ready for this weekend’s potential protests,” writes Mayor Wheeler.

“The additional resources provided by the state police will go a long way to ensuring we are able to do everything possible to be ready when alt-right and white nationalist groups come to our city.”

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