Watch Elephants at the Oregon Zoo take a dip to beat the heat (VIDEO)

Jul 21 2020, 7:32 pm

It has been pretty warm these past few days in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re all trying to find convenient and easy ways to cool off.

Imagine being a large mammal.

The Oregon Zoo — recently reopened to the public — posted a video this morning on social media showing how their friendly elephants have been beating this heat.

In the clip you can see the elephants dunking in a large water feature, swimming about, and spraying water all over the place in what can only be described as a frolicking good time.

“Sun’s out, trunks out,” writes the Oregon Zoo on their post.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to take a dip in some refreshingly cool water, we don’t know what will. All we can say is that the humidity and the heat have been getting to us, and we’re looking for a pool of water to solitarily frolic in.

The Oregon Zoo is open to the public by appointment only, with reserved visitation time-frames available to book online. For more information, visit their online ticket page.

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