What to eat in Portland today: Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

Sep 3 2020, 7:04 pm

While we patiently wait for their glorious pre-COVID menu to return, the Cheese & Crack Snack Shop curators in Portland have begun making some of the cities best soft-serve ice cream alongside illustriously wondrous sundaes and slushies.


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Some of the soft-serve toppings (that are sure to rocket C&C near the top of the PDX ice cream list) include Matcha dust, Espresso dust, and even Beet dust. It’s a magical menu of options.

What to order

There are some pretty stellar options on the updated treat menu here, and we can’t speak about this tiny snack shack without propping up their beautifully vibrant Mud Sundae, which includes chunks of their house-made Everything Cookie.


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However, it’s a mix that makes the Cheese & Crack trip worth every minute it will take to get there. That is their Frozen Lemonade slushie, with the add-on item of a healthy dollop of Vanilla Soft-serve. These two wonderful creations in sync make for our favorite summer treat in the city.

When life hands you lemons, put some ice cream in it.

Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

Address: 22 SE 28th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503 206 7315

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