What to eat in Portland today: Catfish Lane

Jun 15 2020, 10:51 pm

There are many folks around the world that consider Southern food as a premium category in culinary adventures. Rightfully so.

While the Pacific Northwest is far from the South, Portlandians are spoiled rotten with the vast array of eateries featuring foods from all sorts of regions, including some pretty spectacular Southern treats (Nola Doughnuts, for example).


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However, one place makes some of the best catfish outside of Bayou country, and that’s Catfish Lane. This small food truck is part of the epically wondrous Cartlandia food emporium in Portland, and it features some of the best and most nostalgic eats for any fan of Southern delicacies.

What to order

Though their jambalaya is to die for, and their shrimp is astonishingly delicious, it’s with absolute love and pride that we suggest the namesake.


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The Catfish Dinner from Catfish Lane does more than just take you on a trip to Louisiana through your mouth. It envelops every happy gene in your body and shines a light on them. The common phrase is “it’s not anything to write home about,” but the catfish from Catfish Lane is something so profoundly tasty that you should immediately call your mother, mid-mouthful.

Catfish Lane

Address: 8145 SE 82nd Avenue, Portland
Phone: 310 704 9796


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