Portland strip club offers topless delivery service during coronavirus closure

Mar 23 2020, 1:53 pm

Local strip club Lucky Devil recently announced a new service for topless food delivery in the wake of state-wide closures.

Dubbed “Boober Eats,” the PDX-first is giving out-of-work dancers a chance to earn a livable wage as sweeping closures hit businesses in America. Lucky Devil — one of the many clubs forced to close its doors due to the spreading COVID-19 — thought why not mix the desire for dancers with the need for sustenance?

Launching Boober Eats PDX, in what was probably the fastest course of business from ideation to action, allows patrons to continue enjoying the club’s kitchen servings, with a touch of flair to the delivery process.


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Their menu includes a wide variety of pub fare. The beauty in a food-delivery business — with topless dancers or otherwise — is that it technically falls under the designation of the “essential service,” which prevents state government from ordering it to shut down.

Given that a dancer’s vocation does not qualify them for unemployment insurance, Lucky Devil owner Shon Boulden’s move to bring joy and food to costumers while accepting pay and tips solves many problems all at once.

It started as a joke on social media. However, it quickly morphed into a reality. And, it doesn’t get much more independently Portland than Boober Eats.

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