What to eat in Portland today: Dungeness Crab Rangoon at Boke Bowl

Oct 26 2020, 10:07 pm

There will always be a special place in our hearts for deep-fried wontons, and Boke Bowl in Portland has taken them through the roof of realization and blasted them into the heavenly stratosphere.

There are so many different versions of that nostalgic treat that warm the belly. Something that reminds you of home yet we all struggle to reproduce without the physical assistance from our elders. Wonton and dumplings cover a wide variety of people’s go-to fall treat.

For those with more of a European palette, perogies fill this podium of desires and memories.


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From the act of gathering around the kitchen to press and fold dumplings to the joyous laughter surrounding the consumption of them, there isn’t a whole lot like it.

Boke Bowl in Portland, who is offering takeout and delivery, has taken the idea of Crab Rangoon — wonton crab puffs with cheese — and leveled them up.

What to order

Pretty much anything on the Small Plate menu at Boke Bowl is crowd-worthy, and we wouldn’t be able to find blame if you just ordered up one of everything. However, we’re here for a specific treat. One that fuels the heat in our hearts as much as our stomachs.


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The Dungeness Crab Rangoon at Boke Bowl is astounding. Simply said. One order features five handmade wontons with real Dungeness Crab & garlic-chive cream cheese. Served with house sweet chili sauce.

Boke Bowl

Address: 1028 SE Water Avenue, Portland
Phone:Ā 503-719-5698
Order: boke-bowl.square.site


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