A new airplane seat could protect passengers from viruses (PHOTOS)

Apr 23 2020, 5:15 pm

With travel hindered because of the pandemic, one company has taken into consideration the concerns and anxieties surrounding the correlation between infection and sharing common areas like planes to fuel two new concepts for a revolutionary airplane seat.

Aviointeriors, an Italian manufacturer of airline seats, is seeking to ease the minds of travelers post-pandemic by developing products that will serve to protect them from the spread of viruses.

The first concept is called “Glassafe,” which is a “kit-level solution” that can be installed on existing seats to ensure safety for passengers sitting close to one another.


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The product, made from an aesthetically pleasing transparent material, creates an increased level of personal space that allows passengers to minimize contact and interactions with their seatmates, “so as to reduce the probability of contamination by viruses,” the official website explains.

“Glassafe” would come with fixing systems to the seat that allow for easy installation and removal for sanitization purposes. Additionally, it can be supplied with opaque materials or varying degrees of transparency for an increased level of privacy.

The second creation from Aviointeriors is the “Janus Seat,” named after the two-faced ancient Roman god.


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The “Janus Seat” is unique due to the reversed positioning of the middle seat in a row of three to “ensure maximum isolation between passengers seated next to each other,” the website explains.

The two seats on either window and aisle side remain forward-facing.

This arrangement allows all three passengers to be separated with a transparent barrier that isolates them from one another, “creating a protective barrier for everyone.” Even the aisle seat has a barrier that protects the passenger from those walking by.

Each seat in the “Janus Seat” model is surrounded on three sides by a transparent shield that prevents “breath propagation” to fellow passengers.

The seat itself is made of easily cleanable and hygienic materials.

Like the “Glassafe,” there is an option to make the transparent barrier opaque or have it possess various levels of transparency.

It is entirely understandable for travelers to be anxious and concerned to return to their adventures post-pandemic, given the concerning rate in which the virus has spread across the world.

New experimental endeavors such as “Glassafe” and the “Janus Seat” may provide passengers with additional peace of mind and an extra level of safety that will encourage them to travel once all of this is over.

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