What to drink in Portland today: Abbey Creek Winery

Jul 9 2020, 9:00 pm

Abbey Creek — creator of some of Oregon’s most fabulous wines as well as Red, White, and Black, a documentary about minority winery owners — has long been a mainstay for wine aficionados in the state.

Dubbed “The Crick,” their North Plains tasting room brings the goodness of their earth-to-glass wine and is on the brink of opening up their first Portland location. The second Crick will play host to ever-evolving celebrations of some of this state’s most prolific wines and the makers behind them.

Crick was founded more than a decade ago by Bertony Faustin, who became the first Black winemaker in Oregon.


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Abbey Creek blends cooperative work ethic, hip-hop, and the wonderful world of wine. They are playful creators and curators, giving fans of the stomped grape a perfect palette of tastes.

What to order

While there are many tasty options to choose from at Abbey Creek, there are few that express the meaning and purpose of the winery better than the #ReadyToDie blend.


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Tied to Crick’s mantra of “me against myself,” which emboldens the brand to be different and own who they are as individuals, #ReadyToDie stands at attention on your tastebuds.

“We created #READYTODIE because we understand the importance of living for today,” reads the product page. “Living each day knowing you are your own competition, that it is truly you against you, #MeAgainstMyself, will take you farther than living to please others. Wake up each day and move with intention and passion. Absolutely no regrets.”

Abbey Creek wines are available for delivery and pickup from Friday to Sunday, 12 to 5 pm. The new Crick location is set to open its doors on July 15.

Abbey Creek Winery

Address: 31441 NW Commercial Street, North Plains
Phone: 503 389 0619


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