Where to find a 2020 US election ballot dropbox site in Portland

Oct 14 2020, 5:54 pm

We’re less than a month away from the 2020 US presidential election, and Oregonians have a few ways to vote safely. Mail-in voting and dropbox locations have finally been revealed.

There are a couple of specific tools that will help you find out where to drop off your ballots. Multnomah County has an interactive Google map that will give you an overview as to where you can find Portland’s dropbox locations.

You can see the whole list of Portland drop-off sites on the MultCo website.

If you’re outside of Portland, you can use the Oregon Election Office and the Secretary of State website, which provides the 2020 voting ballot dropbox search tool for your Oregon address.

While voter registration in the state of Oregon is closed, the Multnomah County office shared that voting ballots will begin mailing out today, and you have until Thursday, October 22 to receive your ballot.

Should you not receive it by October 22, contact your local election office.

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