Your winter tires might need to be on a month earlier next year

Nov 29 2017, 9:19 pm

You may need to get your winter tires sooner than you thought.

According to a report from La Presse, the Couillard government is looking to revise the Highway Safety Code that could change the deadline to get winter tires from December 15 to November 15.

Under the current rules, drivers who fail to have winter tires on their vehicle between December 15 to March 15 can earn a $200 to $300 fine and a loss of 2 demerit points.

Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) already recommends that drivers plan ahead and install their winter in advance.

“Since we can generally expect such weather conditions before December 15, it is highly recommended that you equip your vehicle with winter tires before then,” states SAAQ on its website.

Other changes to the Highway Safety Code include higher fines for drivers using their phones behind the wheel.

Penalties are expected to increase up to 4 times for those caught texting and driving.

According to SAAQ, drivers are currently fined if they use their phone to do any of the following behind the wheel:

  • Make or answer a call
  • Read or send a text message
  • Check appointments
  • Check the time
  • Check Facebook activity feed
  • Select a playlist
  • Surf the Internet

“Simply holding a cell phone in your hand, for any reason, while driving a road vehicle is illegal,” says SAAQ.

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