Montreal could be in for a "wet and stormy" summer

May 24 2022, 7:39 pm

Montreal could be in for a much rainier summer than last year as La Niña funnels moisture over the southern half of the province, a new long-range weather forecast predicts.

La Niña is a phenomenon over the Pacific Ocean that can influence weather patterns far away by affecting the jet stream position over North America. Its influence will stretch all the way to eastern and Atlantic Canada and may last into the summer, according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Brett Anderson.



According to the meteorologist, Quebec will encounter above-normal precipitation and storm activity this summer. “This may be a busy summer in terms of severe thunderstorms, especially from the Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa corridor,” Anderson warned.

Increased humidity in our neck of the woods is also expected to lead to warmer nights. This is the result of a surplus of water vapor in the air which makes it difficult for some areas to shed the heat overnight following a hot day.

The humidity will lead to a rise in temperatures, which poses a risk to certain sects of eastern Canadian wildlife. Fires, for example, are a concern for Anderson. But not a large one as heavy rainfall will likely not result in forested areas becoming overly dry.

So, while we are in for a warm summer, it’s not easy to get that perfect tan in a thunderstorm. We’ll just have to take advantage of the few clear days we get.

With files from Daily Hive’s Megan Devlin

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