Check out these stunning waterfalls near Montreal this summer

Jul 31 2020, 6:35 pm

Since we’re already physically distancing with each other, we might as well stay physically distant from some gorgeous waterfalls as well.

It’s an opportunity to be outside and soak up some seriously breathtaking views of nature’s vertical drops of water.

Most sites offer hiking trails, rest areas, and plenty of greenery to make a worthwhile day trip out of it from Montreal.

Here are a few local nearby waterfalls that should be on this summer’s bucket list.

Chutes de Sainte-Ursule


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At these falls, the Maskinongé river divides into seven waterfalls. Some cascade gently while others rage through rocky cliffs, the largest of which has a 30-metre drop. Take a stroll along paths and stop at the lookout for a gorgeous view of the entire site.

The site opened to the public full-time as of June 20 and has COVID-19 safety precautions in place.

Address: Chutes de Sainte-Ursule 2575, rang des chutes Sainte-Ursule
Distance from Montreal: 100 km
Price: $5

High Falls

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If the border opens up this summer, check out what the town of Malone calls “New York’s hidden treasure.”

High Falls Park is a bit of a hike (literally outside of Montreal), but the site has a 35.5-metre-tall waterfall in the middle of a wooden trail.

Set up a picnic, bring a camera, and enjoy the view.

Address: 34 Cemetery Rd, Chateaugay, NY
Distance from Montreal: 125 km
Price: Free

Chute de Plaisance


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Enjoy a quick 1-km trail to get to the 63-meter tall waterfall found in Plaisance Falls Park. There are several observation areas near the falls and a space to have a picnic.

The site has taken all the necessary COVID-19 precautions to ensure safety for its guests and staff.

Address: Patrimoine et Chutes de Plaisance, 200 Chemin Malo #168, Plaisance
Distance from Montreal: 150 km
Price: Free


Found just outside Quebec City, these impressively wide falls are one of the most popular attractions in the area. The falls offer a great hiking trail and access to get close to the falls with a 113-metre-long suspension bridge over the river.

The site has been open to the public since June and will remain so until October while following the COVID-19 safety measures.

Address: Rue du Parc-des-Chutes, Lévis
Distance from Montreal: 240 km
Price: Free

Parc de la Chute‚ÄĎMontmorency


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At 83 metres high (272.3 feet), Montmorency Falls is a full 30 metres taller than Niagara Falls.

Located just 15 minutes from Old Quebec, these falls are located where the St. Lawrence River stretches out into a bevy of bases and cliffs.

COVID-19 has reduced some of the site’s capacity like the electric gondola and the indoor gift shop. But still, these falls are definitely worth the trip from Montreal.

Address: 2490 Ave Royale, Quebec City
Distance from Montreal: 265 km
Price: Free

Canyon Sainte-Anne

The Canyon Sainte-Anne is open for the summer after adjusting to COVID-19’s health measures. The Air Canyon soars 90 metres above the waterfall on a thrilling ride that tops out at 50 km/h.

There’s also a hiking trail through three different bridges that offers sights of beautiful scenery greenery, and of course the waterfall.

Get ready to take a lot of pictures.

Face masks are mandatory throughout the entire site.

Address: 206 QC-138, Beaupré
Distance from Montreal: 298 km
Price: $6.96 to $12.61, available online

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