9 of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Montreal

Jul 31 2020, 2:07 pm

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Farm-to-table is a movement in the restaurant industry that means the food on the table came directly from a specific farm without going through a distributor, store, or market along the way.

Other names include locally-sourced, farm-fresh, and farm-to-fork (if you really want to get specific), and it relates to a direct relationship between a farm and a restaurant.

Farmers benefit from the movement by being able to reap more of the profit their goods can earn and foodies can enjoy knowing their food will be treated and cooked as fresh as possible with the highest of qualities.

While farm-to-table doesn’t necessarily mean a heftier price tag, items are often delivered to the restaurant and cooked within hours of being harvested.

The results are very tasty and a growing number of places are adapting the new farm-to-table approach. With that said, here are some restaurants in Montreal that pride themselves on delivering your meal from the farm to your plate.

Le Robin Square


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Le Robin Square is a family-owned restaurant that serves homemade food, all of which is locally sourced, nestled into the cozy streets of Old Montreal.

Address: 300 Rue Notre-Dame Est



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Lawrence deals exclusively with whole animals from small farms and offers its clients honest and tasty dishes in an elegant yet informal spot, all while supporting local agriculture.

Address:5201 St-Laurent Boulevard

Le Vin Papillon


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Rated as one of Canada’s 100 Best, Vin Papillon centers its menu around roots and leaves cooked with all the butter, duck fat, and house-smoked bacon you could ever need. All of its ingredients are locally sourced, some of which are even taken from their own in-house garden.

Address:2519 Notre-Dame Ouest

Bar George


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Situated right smack in the middle of downtown, Bar George serves Scottish and British cuisine with a Québécois twist, alongside classic English drink, everything which is locally sourced.

Address:1440 Rue Drummond



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The elegant Toqué offers farm-fresh Québécois dishes and tasting menus from renowned chef Normand Laprise.

Address:900 Jean Paul Riopelle



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Foxy serves farm-fresh charcoal-grilled seafood and wood-fired steaks inside a cozy, upscale bistro in the middle of the ever-bustling Little Burgundy and Griffintown.

Address:1638 Notre-Dame St Ouest

Maison Publique


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Renowned chef Derek Dammann’s Maison Publique offers rustic, market-fresh pub dishes inside a cozy tin-ceilinged nook.

Address: 4720 Rue Marquette



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This stone-walled restaurant in the Old Port offers a daily market course, all locally sourced inside a dimly-lit and cozy spot.

Address:312 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest

La Maison du Magrext


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La Maison du Magrext is a contemporary bistro known for duck dishes and wines from southwestern France. Their food is all farm-fresh and locally-sourced.

Address: 102 Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest


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