You can get waffles on a stick in Montreal right now

Dec 22 2016, 6:43 am

Le Grand Marche de Noel de Montreal in Place des Arts is currently going down.

In addition to Santa sightings and the wackiest Christmas tree in the city, Place des Festivals is packed to the brim with food trucks and vendors of all kinds.

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Our personal favourite? Gaufrabec. Not only because they’ve been serving up scrumptious Belgian-style waffles for years, but because on their specially designed holiday menu: waffle on a stick.

Gaufrabec is providing visitors the chance to walk around and eat a waffle, popsicle-style, without spilling any of it or having your face covered in chocolate. In essence, they’ve turned Belgian waffles into a top-notch carnival food.

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Whether you’re craving a classic liege waffle or one smothered in chocolate hazelnut spread, be sure to stop by the Gaufrabec food truck when making the rounds at Le Grand Marche de Noel de Montreal.

Waffles not your thing? Check out a few of the other treats available at this year’s holiday market:

Beaver Tails

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Candy Apples

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Maple Taffy

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Hot Chocolate