15 things you need to do this summer to make the most of it

Jun 7 2017, 1:23 am

Warmer weather, longer days, and more smiling – hello summer.

You want to get outside to soak up the sun as much as you can, and it’s fair to say that most people feel the same. Sure, you can enjoy the long hot days conventionally. Or, you can do things a little differently and really shake your life up. Your summer – your way.

So, get your camera out and be prepared to have the most Instagrammable summer of your life. Chances are your hair will be out of place, but for good reason – and that’s because you’ll be having way too much fun to care.

To help you make a memorable splash this summer, we’ve compiled a list of 15 cool things that will help make it the best you’ve ever had.

Potluck barbecue

Round up your friends and choose where you want to host the ultimate sizzler of the summer. If each person brings unique food from different areas of the globe, you’ll have more food to choose from and a plethora of flavours to indulge. You’ll want to complement the food with a cold beverage and Coors Light Summer Certified cans could be the answer. Now you can get six limited-edition beer cans that make cracking a cold one even better. The moment the cans are brought into the sunlight, the vibrant colours of the designs are instantaneously revealed.

Make tie dyed shirts

Get creative and have a 70s-inspired day by making tie dyed shirts in your backyard. Get ready to rock a fresh hippie style on your next trip to the beach.

Watch the sunrise


Sure, it’s a regular thing, but chances are you usually sleep through it. Catch the sunrise from somewhere you’ve never been before and enjoy the majestic beauty of the beginning of the day.

Tandem biking

Share the work of cycling with a friend by going on a tandem bike ride. You’ll have tons of fun laughing at yourself – and that’s priceless.

Have a water fight

Relive your childhood by having a water fight. Group all your friends together and have the water balloons on standby when your super-soaker runs out of ammo. It’s the perfect way to cool down when you’re overheating on a hot day. Even if your team loses, you can still enjoy the magic of a Coors Light Summer and Cold Certified can afterwards. The beers are available as 355 ml and 473 ml cans throughout the summer until Labour Day on September 4 and luckily, you can get them where beer is sold across Canada.

Go on a surfing vacation

Girl surfing/Shutterstock

All that’s required here is that you go on a vacation and take a dip in the crystal clear ocean. Try visiting Tofino, BC or anywhere else with a body of water that allows for you to shred the waves.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping/Shutterstock

Take one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind by going bungee jumping. You’ll feel more alive than you have in years, and who knows, you might even want to book your next jump right after it.

Rock an inflatable flamingo



Hit up the pool armed with an inflatable flamingo and have the best day ever. Be prepared to use your lung power to inflate the accessory – but don’t worry, it’s worth the end result. Enjoy the massive float as you chill out and top up your tan at the same time. You might feel thirsty when you come back to land, and that makes for the perfect excuse to enjoy a refreshing Coors Light beer.

Sunbathe off the beaten track

You don’t need to go tanning where everyone else does. There are so many undiscovered coves where you can soak up the sunshine without the crowds. Use maps to find them or simply unleash your inner Christopher Columbus.


If you haven’t tried this before, get on it and zip across some of Canada’s most epic locations at a height where you can enjoy the unobstructed views.

Snap tons of photos

Memories are even better when you have photos to go along with them. This summer, get snap-happy and take photos of all the cool things you do. Don’t mind the photo bombers.



You’re never too old to go outside and play. Sit on a swing and see what it feels like to act as though you’re a child again.

Grow flowers


Whether you have a garden or just a window ledge in a small apartment, you can show off your green thumb. Use a planter box to grow bright flowers and watch them blossom.

Play mini golf

Enjoy a game of mini golf with friends and see if you have an all-star swing after all. Keep cool with a Cold Certified Coors Light, and see how the Summer Certified can might just complement your golf outfit.

Try SUP yoga

SUP yoga/Shutterstock

Find the closest lake and practice paddle boarding. Step two: try holding a yoga pose at the same time. Bonus points if you don’t fall into the water, but if you do, then make your way to shore and enjoy a cold beer. Crack open a Summer Certified Coors Light after attempting to find your zen and crush on the bright colours as they make your beer can come to life.

Coors Light is made by Molson Coors Canada in the Canadian division of Molson Coors Brewing Company. The brewing company offers other popular brands like Molson Canadian, Molson Export, Molson Canadian 67, and Rickard’s in addition to Coors Light.

More than 3,000 Canadians are employed by Molson Coors Canada across seven breweries, including boutique breweries Granville Island and Creemore. As a company, Molson Coors Canada is committed to promoting its products in a responsible manner as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

For more information and the latest updates, check out Coors Light on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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