Sorry Montreal, experts claim Toronto is now Canada's top party city

Oct 4 2022, 6:44 pm

There’s no denying Montreal’s place at the core of Canada’s cultural sector. But a jam-packed festival schedule, booming food scene, and commitment to public art may not be enough to make it the country’s nightlife capital anymore.

That title,Ā according to newly published data from technology company Square, should belong to Toronto.

According to the new report, Torontonians lead the nation when it comes to nighttime purchases, a strong indicator of nightlife. Square, which sampled millions of in-person transactions from food and drink establishments between 2019 and 2022, reported that 39% of Torontoā€™s daily transactions occurred between 7 pm and 4 am, compared to only 24% in Montreal.

As a result, the streets of Toronto ā ā€” on paper at least ā ā€” are busier at night than any other Canadian city.

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In fact, despite having a 1:45 am last call and older drinking age than Quebec, the party time spending in Toronto is very close to that of Miami (40%) and New York (42%).

However, things in Montreal are not as grim as they seem. Nighttime spending in the city actually grew by a whopping 96% in 2022, following a significant drop in 2021, largely due to strict pandemic restrictions.

Here’s hoping we get back on top. Everyone knows that partying is what Montreal does best.

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