11 rides at La Ronde you have to try

Jun 8 2016, 1:10 am

La Ronde is a Montreal institution. Opened for the Montreal Expo in 1967, the park is the perfect mix of old and new, offering rides for thrill seekers, families, and kids alike. No summer is complete without a trip to this Montreal amusement park and luckily for us, it opened last weekend! So to get you ready for the thrills ahead, we compiled a list of our 11 favourite rides at La Ronde!

Vol Ultime

Sitting at a height of 73 meters, Vol Ultime is the swinging chair ride for thrill-seekers. Plus, it boasts the best views of Montreal (Mount Royal included).


As the largest and fastest of La Ronde’s roller coasters, Goliath offers maximum thrill for all the adrenaline-junkies out there. Plus, new in 2016 Goliath is being equipped with virtual reality capability.


Unveiled to the public in 2014, Demon is a roller coaster that not only swings riders upside down, it shoots water at them using its 16 water jets. What a way to cool off!


Monstre is a La Ronde institution. Opened to the public in 1985, Monstre is the tallest double-track wooden roller coaster in the world.

Vampire Backwards


La Ronde – PAGE OFFICIELLE/Facebook

New in 2016, adventure-seekers can now ride the Vampire roller coaster backwards. That’s right, you’ll be throttled backwards at speeds up to 80km/hour and climb to a height of 32 meters, all without being able to see a single thing ahead!


A staple at amusement parks across North America, Splash is great fun for the whole family. Just be prepared – that relaxing flume ride is going to take a plunge down a 50-feet waterfall real soon…


La Ronde - PAGE OFFICIELLE/Facebook

La Ronde – PAGE OFFICIELLE/Facebook

New to La Ronde in 2016, Phoenix is a ride the whole family will love. Phoenix will have you soaring through the air on a flaming scooter, but unlike other rides, you’ll be in control of the action.


Launch into space with the Orbite! In just three seconds, you will have been catapulted towards the sky to a height of 192 feet. Enjoy the view while you can because within a few short moments you’ll be free falling back down.

Super Manege


La Ronde – PAGE OFFICIELLE/Facebook

Loop, loop, corkscrew, loop…you get the gist. Super Manege is known for being a pioneer of steel looping roller coasters. With 2,400 feet of track, you’ll be going in circles for what feels like ages.

Grande Roue

There’s nothing more romantic than a ferris wheel. Boasting views of downtown Montreal, be sure to take a spin on one of the Grande Roue’s gondolas in the evening – the city lights reflecting on the water are pure magic.

Grand Carrousel

La Ronde - PAGE OFFICIELLE/Facebook

La Ronde – PAGE OFFICIELLE/Facebook

Go back in time with La Ronde’s Grand Carrousel. The carnival lights, old-fashioned music, and fun carrousel chairs shaped like animals from all over the jungle make the Grand Carrousel a must when visiting La Ronde.

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