10 places to bring a tinder date in Montreal

Aug 23 2016, 3:32 pm

Nabbed a hot Tinder date? Unsure where to go? Look no further! We’ve come up with a list of first Tinder date spots that consider everything.

Whether you’re looking to impress a Tinder date or just want somewhere where you can make a quick getaway if things don’t go exactly to plan, this list has got you covered.

Here are 10 places to bring a Tinder date in Montreal.

Drinks at SuWu

Dark, hipster, and a little mysterious, SuWu is one of the hippest spots in Montreal. The drink menu is delicious so that’ll be sure to impress your date. An added bonus is that the bar is usually packed in the evenings making the small talk a little less awkward.

Walk along Old Port

Looking to spend a minimal amount of money but still get to know the person? Taking a stroll through Old Port is a solid idea for a date. The water will provide a romantic setting for your date whether you go during the day or in the evening. And, thanks to the hustle and bustle of Old Port which features everything from street performers to artists, there will always be something to discuss or comment on.

Brunch at Beauty’s

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The food is simple but delicious. Expect a line out front so be prepared for a little small talk in the entryway before your meal. An added bonus? Thanks to the diner-like atmosphere, the service is quick. If you realize pretty early on that this is not the person for you, it won’t be all that long until your food arrives and you ask for the cheque.

Dessert at Juliette & Chocolat

Heading to a dessert restaurant like J&C is a great place for a short, first date. After all, they only serve dessert. So you can plan to meet up with your Tinder date post-dinner and if things go well, you can suggest grabbing drinks. If not, you’ve only wasted 45 minutes tops and you got a scrumptious chocolate treat out of it.

Coffee at Cafe Myriade

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Finally nab a date with someone you’ve been chatting with for ages? Maybe up your game a little and don’t go for the typical Starbucks or Tim Horton’s. Cafe Myriade has two locations in Montreal, both of which are downtown and serve mouthwatering coffee. The setting is cute and intimate so this is a great cafe if you’re looking to impress.

Hit up a festival

Montreal has unique and fascinating festivals going on all year round. Whether you love food festivals, tattoo festivals, or film festivals, this city’s got your back. Take a date and stroll through the festival events and stalls. It’s free and gives you the option of continuing by heading to a restaurant or cafe afterwards.

Salad at Mandy’s

Two reasons: a) it’s pretty easy to eat salad and still look attractive, and b) Mandy’s salads are delicious and you should take every excuse you get to eat there. Plus, if the person you’re going on a date with has never been to Mandy’s, introducing them to the gourmet salad world of Montreal is going to earn you some major brownie points.

Relax on the grass at Tam Tams

Surrounded by a ton of other Montrealers, Tam Tams is a totally safe and ultra fun environment for a first date. Bring a blanket and make conversation to the rhythm of the drums in the background. Be sure to bring some booze just in case things get a little awkward (and because you can, thanks to the picnic law).

Visit the Redpath Museum

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The Redpath Museum is located on McGill’s downtown campus meaning it’s easily accessible, and also completely free. This natural history museum is small and due to its limited number of exhibitions, it won’t take more than an hour until you’ve gone through the whole museum. This is the perfect spot for university students as it’s interesting, cultural, situated on the McGill campus, and costs no money!

Head to a historic landmark

Plan a date somewhere like the Notre Dame Basilica or Saint Joseph’s Oratory. Montreal’s historic sites are beautiful, inexpensive to visit, and you’ll both get to enjoy being tourists for a day. Once again, this date offers a clear time limit. Walk to the basilica, stroll through the inside, and you’re done. Even if the date doesn’t go well, at least you’ll have seen a little piece of Montreal’s history.