This Montreal restaurant serves up the bacon Nutella waffle of your dreams

Mar 29 2017, 3:18 pm

Bacon + Nutella? Yes, please!

Quebec breakfast chain L’Oeufrier, has been known for their plentiful breakfast options for quite some time. Serving up everything from brunch-style mac and cheese to 15 different types of eggs benedict, you’re sure to find something to indulge in on their expansive menu.

Most notable, however, is their use of Nutella. L’Oeufrier adds Nutella to every dish possible. From their vanilla yogurt, banana, granola, and Nutella parfait, to their Nutella grilled cheese sandwich.

❄❄❄La touche finale! ❄❄❄

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We recently noticed one Nutella dish that stands above the rest. Combining the best of both worlds, L’Oeufrier offers a mouthwatering Nutella, bacon, and banana waffle on their menu.

Officially called, “La, je tripe,” this incredible waffle features “bananas and a mountain of bacon with Nutella on the waffle.” Sounds like pure magic to us.

We highly recommend visiting L’Oeufrier for brunch in the near future.


When: 5 pm-3 pm
Where: There are seven locations in Montreal at 350 rue Liège Est, 2017 avenue du Mont-Royal Est, 1441 Amherst, 49 Westminster N., 235 Chabanel Ouest, 4903 Ave. Du Parc, 3714 Notre-Dame Ouest

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