STM buses make the change to summer schedule

Jun 16 2020, 2:08 pm

We’re still five days away from the official start of summer but the STM’s bus schedules are now in summertime mode.

Effective as of yesterday, the STM has made “minor changes” to its schedule which is adjusted every three to four months.

An STM employee confirmed over the phone that some buses may show up a bit earlier as certain routes are designed specifically to stop at schools for children. Since it’s summertime, buses will now have different routes.

The employee says a bus that normally goes through three or four school zones will now have extra time as a result and the transit company always recommends to check bus times before leaving.

While the STM has officially made the leap to summertime hours, the company stressed that changes are “slight adjustments.”

Due to the pandemic, paper planibus schedules will no longer be distributed and the STM said riders are best off using the real-time tracker to get updates on how close or far away their desired bus is.

“Get our best estimate and follow your bus in real time,” says the STM website.

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