Saint-Bruno's giant new thermal spa opens today

Jan 31 2020, 3:28 pm

Things are about to get a whole lot more relaxing in the South Shore as Saint-Bruno’s giant new spa opens to the public.

The thermal spa centre, Förena Cité thermale, set at the base of Mont Saint-Bruno will become one of the biggest of its kind in Canada, offering thermotherapy, massages, beauty care, and restoration.

Inspired by Scandinavian culture, the Förena Cité Thermale is spread over 60,000 square meters at the base of mountain.

Originally slated to open this past fall, the mega spa opens to the public today, specializing in a three stage complete thermal cycle that will “maximize the benefits of thermotherapy to your body.”

In order, guests first enter the hot zone of the cycle, using high temperatures to dilate skin pores and blood vessels, allowing your body to eliminate inner toxins.


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To contrast the heat, guests then immerse themselves in the outright cold waterfall. “The thermal shock will close your skin pores and will increase your blood circulation and your adrenaline levels,” reads the Förena website.


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The third stage is everyone’s favourite: relaxation. “Lay down comfortably to allow your body to recover from this physical and mental test. Through deep relaxation, you will release all the accumulated tensions.”

Are you feeling it, yet?

Californian, Swedish, reflexology, Mom-To-Be, Lomi-Lomi, and deep-tissues massages are available starting at $100.

Gift cards and reservation applications are available now on the Förena Cité thermale website.


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